Vista Window Film

Window Tinting

If the glare and heat from the sun is streaming through your windows, fading your fine furnishings also making life uncomfortable and causing energy costs to soar, then you need to consider VISTA® Window film. A solar window film shields you and your home from the harmful rays of the sun, but not your view. It will protect the interior,  improve the comfort and safety, and may add privacy to your home.

Energy Saving

VISTA® Window film works by interrupting the transfer of UV radiation and Near Infrared (heat), that passes through the window. Up to 65% of the heat is reflected and blocked from radiating into your room. This will allow the air-conditioner to run more efficiently, thus reducing energy costs and also extending the life of the air conditioner.

Only a few degrees in reduction in temperature can save up to 25% in cooling costs.

In the winter, VISTA® Film will act as a thermal barrier which will reduce the heat lost through windows.

The average home that installs VISTA® Film start to get a return on their investment immediately and recover their costs within 3-4 years.

Property Protection

VISTA® will protect the interior of your home. It blocks 99.9% of the harmful UV rays that fade valuable home furnishings, paintings and family photographs – anything that reacts to UV rays. It also may add privacy during day light hours.

Although Vista is not considered a safety film, it will make it more difficult to gain illegal entry into your home by breaking a window. Vista window film makes a window more difficult to shatter by holding the broken glass together within the window frame.

“Prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin

Health Benefits

Much has been made of the fact that we are to reduce our exposure to the harmful rays of the sun while we are outside. But UVA and UVB rays are also detrimental to our health when streaming through our windows. Vista window films block 99.9% of these harmful UV rays.

VISTA® Film has the recommendation of The Skin Cancer Foundation in the prevention of skin cancer.

VISTA® Film reduces eye fatigue by reducing glare. Computer monitors and television screens that are almost glare free are much more relaxing to look at.

VISTA® Film will help hold the glass together if a glass window breaks,  possibly avoiding a serious injury from the dangerous shards of glass.

Our Commitment to You

You can be confident we will provide capable, competent service with a commitment to excellence.

Charlottesville Glass and Mirror has earned the designation of Vista® Elite dealer. This is awarded to dealers who exhibit a high degree of professionalism and continually upgrade their skills. Platinum dealers also get first priority for technical service and factory support. We are the only authorized Vista® dealer in the Charlottesville area.

Contact us and we will be pleased to send a VISTA® film salesperson to your home to discuss your options and provide you a free, no obligation quote.

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