Types of Mirrors

At Charlottesville Glass and Mirror we’ve expanded our line of mirrors to meet the need for more options of our customers.  Therefore, we are pleased to present as many choices as possible. We make every effort to stock the most common but should you require something we don’t stock we will order it for you.

Standard Mirror – This will always be the basic mirror in every home, with its timeless beauty and purpose. We stock thickness in 1/8 or 1/4. We have it in clear, gray or bronze. If you need a custom color we will order it for you.

Mirropane (two way mirror) on one side it looks like a mirror in a well-illuminated room but works like an ordinary tinted window from the other side. There must be a correct balance of light in order to work. The mirrored side must have a brighter light than the viewing side. The recommended lighting ratio for surveillance purposes is 10:1, with the mirror side being ten times brighter than the side you can see through. We keep mirropane in stock. It cannot have any edgework done to it, because of the coating on the surface.

Magnifying Mirror – We carry make-up mirrors that attach to bathroom or cabinet mirrors. We also have an extension mirror that attaches to the wall. The flexible arm extents 20″ and it turns and swivels to any angle.

Convex and Dome Safety/Security Mirrors – To avoid an accident or to provide security these fine optical quality mirrors are a simple solution. There are two choices; shatterproof glass or acrylic for indoor or outdoor use. Please talk to a salesperson for more information.

Many color options are available to co-ordinate with any decorating pallet. A simple classic clear mirror or a stunning color the choice is yours. The possibilities are breath taking and beautiful. With adhesive backing so you don’t need to use grout. The backing is easy to cut through and easy to apply.

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Safety Mirror

Mirror with Vinyl Adhesive Backing (VAB) – We will apply a vinyl adhesive backing to hold glass mirror together in breakage situations. A woven scrim embedded into the film for high tensile and impact strength also prevents moisture entrapment.  It is recommended for mirrored wardrobe doors, bi-fold doors, shower and tub enclosures, furniture mirrors or in any situation where safety is an issue.

Acrylic Mirror – is a versatile plastic material that can be used in numerous applications and has great impact strength yet is light weight with exceptional optical quality.  Plexiglass acrylic mirror is easy to work with. It can be sawed, drilled, routed, glued, painted, decorated, silk-screened, and formed.

In addition to being light weight, acrylic mirror is ten times stronger than glass.  It is an excellent choice when safety is a consideration.  Unlike regular glass, acrylic mirror does not shatter into small sharp pieces when broken. As with all acrylics it will scratch easily and it tends to flex slightly therefore it will not have a perfect reflective optical plane.