Storm Sash and Screen Repair

Storm Windows & Doors

Your storm windows significantly reduce air infiltration. Therefore keeping them in good repair is a worthwhile project.  Consider repair before replacement. We can replace broken glass and often repair broken corners. Bring them in to us for an evaluation and see if we can save you money by repairing them, rather than replacing them.

Storm door require tempered glass. Bring the sash (frame) to us and we will order the correct size of glass and install it when it arrives.



Keep the bugs out – bring your damaged screens to us.

We have a wide selection of screening materials, from a macro weave to heavy duty pet screen.

Often we can replace a broken or bent frame if we have identical type of frame in stock.  Broken plungers and corner springs can often be replaced

New Screen:
New screens can be fabricated with white, bronze or clear anodized aluminum frames. Bring in your old screen as a sample, or provide us the width and height and we may be able make a new screen for you. Please note: there are certain screens that we cannot fabricate. Those may only be ordered directly from the manufacturer of the window.

Pet Screen and Guards

Pet Screen:
If you have a pet that is tearing up your storm door or patio screen we may have a solution. Consider replacing your existing screen with pet screen. This material is an ultra-strong pet resistant screening material made from vinyl coated polyester.

Pet Guard:
If you have a large pet you may have to take extra measures and consider having a pet guard installed on the bottom of your storm door or patio screen. This is very effective in preventing your pets from damaging your screen and/or escaping, without sacrificing your ventilation.