Specialty Glass

Patterned, Tinted, Antique or Frosted Glass

Pattern Glass


Patterned glass can add incredible depth and beauty to your home. Patterns, ranging from subtle to dramatic, add privacy and create ambiance. Most commonly used in cabinets and entryways, clear textures can be used to add dazzling appeal to panels, sun catchers and more! Use alone or in combination with other textures and colors to create a stunning effect.

Clear seedy glass is our most popular, patterned glass therefore we keep it in stock. We can cut most sizes and shapes you need.

Clear Seedy glass is filled with ‘seeds’ or air bubbles reminiscent of old hand-made glass. It is commonly used for cabinet doors and lamps but it is attractive in many other applications as well.

Drop into our showroom and look at the samples we have on display. We will place your order and take the responsibility for its safe arrival. All you have to do is pick it up.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is tinted during the actual glass making process. Coloring agents are added during the melt process. Therefore the tint will last the life of the glass. Common colors include grey, green, bronze and blue. Tinted glass is often used in entertainment center doors and table tops. We stock grey and bronze, but if you need another color we can order it for you.

Antique Glass

Re-claimed antique glass is difficult to come by, but we do have it in stock. The distortion level will vary with each piece of glass because it is genuine antique and not a controlled reproduction of old glass. Sizes will be limited to what we can cut out of the stock we have on hand.

Restoration antique glass is a reproduction glass with a distortion level that  is noticeable but doesn’t obscure the view. It closely resembles glass found in structures built in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The beauty and movement of this glass will add an old world look to any application.

Frosted Glass

Think outside the box and design your project with glass that will stand out from the ordinary.

We can simply sandblast the entire surface giving an obscured, translucent effect of rice paper or we can sandblast custom designs or lettering into your glass panels.

Come and see us and discuss your ideas.  We can help make them a reality. Since we sandblast our frosted glass in-house, the turn around time is much shorter than for a special order.

Stop in at Charlottesville showroom and look at our display of the many specialty glass types that we can provide. Our showroom sales-person will be glad to assist you.