Plastic Polishers and Cleaners

Charlottesville Glass and Mirror provides the best products on the market for you need to care for  your Plastics (acrylics and polycarbonates).


An image of Brillianize Acrylic and Polycarbonate polisherBrillianize Plastic Cleaner & Polisher is an anti-static cleaner for cleaning and polishing all Acrylic and Polycarbonate, Plexiglass, Lexan®, Acrylite®, Mylar® and Lucite® all plastics as well as any hard, shiny, non-absorbent surface (do not use on floors).Use Brillianize for daily maintenance of your plastic items – a MUST have for every home or office.

Acrylic and Polycarbonate are relatively soft materials and they scratch easily if not taken care of.  They naturally build up a static charge and which attracts dirt and dust like a magnet.

The glass cleaners on the market often are alcohol or ammonia based household cleaners they aren’t meant for plastics and will cause yellowing and a degrading of the surface of the plastic, especially when exposed to sunlight.


~ Anti-static – repels dust
~ Alcohol and ammonia free
~ Cleans and glazes in one operation
~ Resists finger marks
~ Easy to use
~ Environmentally safe – non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable
~ 100% non-toxic it is safe to use around people and pets



Trust Brillianize in your home. Its non-toxic formula is safe to use around children and pets.

Clean stainless steel, granite, chrome, glass and plastic. Modern appliances with touch pad controls look their best when cleaned with Brillianize.

Picture Framing Glass and Acrylic

Museums, art galleries and framing retailers trust Brillianize. The unique formula will not harm anti-glare or UV filtering glass/plastic framing materials.

Window Film

Brillianize: Anti-static, alcohol and ammonia free, use it to clean and protect your solar or safety window film.

TV Screens/Computer Screens

Use Brillianize to clean the case, keyboard and computer monitor and TV screen( LCD, plasma and DLP). Please follow all directions before beginning.

Turn your monitor or TV screen off before starting, a dark screen will show fingerprints and dirt easier than a bright screen. Spray your cleaning cloth with Brillianize. DO NOT use paper towels because they are naturally abrasive. Using horizontal and vertical strokes (Circular motions are not advised.) remove the dust, dirt and fingerprints from the surface. Use a dry cloth and polish the surface using horizontal and vertical strokes until the surface is dry, clean and smooth. For best results clean the screen weekly.

Brillianize is safe to use on older CRT screens as well as new LCD displays. Brillianize will not damage any anti-glare or color corrective coatings.

Also, clean compact discs, DVDs and high definition discs.

Windshields on Boats and Motor Bikes

Use Brillianize on your windshields to clean, polish and maintain your windshield. If you use a glass cleaner containing alcohol or ammonia you start softening the hard coating, exposing the windshield to greater tendency to scratches or pitting.
Alcohol or high-petroleum-content cleaners are very destructive to windshields made of poly carbonate. Spray a little alcohol on one of these windshields and it immediately turns milky white.

Instrumentation Panels and Dashboards

Brillianize will keep airplanes and helicopters instrumentation panels and motor vehicles dashboards static free and clean with regular use of Brillianize. In your car use Brillianize for the dash board the anti-static properties will keep it cleaner for a longer period of time.


Brillianize is non-toxic and completely safe to use for cleaning the surfaces of glass and acrylic aquariums and terrariums.

~ Non-toxic
~ Environmentally friendly
~ Tank exteriors
~ Fingerprint resistant
~ Anti-static

Cleaning and Polishing Instructions:

For best results when using Brillianize please follow these instructions.

Shake container well then apply evenly on surface or on a clean soft cloth. DO NOT use paper towels because they are naturally abrasive. Using horizontal and vertical strokes (Circular motions are not advised.) remove the dust, dirt and fingerprints from the surface. Before surface dries use a dry cloth and polish using horizontal and vertical strokes until all the surface is dry, clean and smooth

8 oz spray bottle


CRL Plastic Cleaner & Polisher

An image CRL Acrylic and Polycarbonate Cleaner and PolisherDeveloped especially for the glass industry, CRL Plastic Cleaner and Polish cleans and polishes virtually everything made of plastic.

It’s great for removing tiny scratches from acrylic windows in boats, campers, RV’s, airplanes, or any other vehicle. It can polish the plastic on boat surfaces, seat covers, shower doors, formica tops, etc.


~ Removes fine scratches, haziness and abrasion from most plastic surfaces. It is not just a surface cover up, but will rerestore and protect.  Please note: Scratches that can be felt with a fingernail are too deep to remove.
~ Excellent product for cleaning dingy, yellowed headlamps to look like new again.


~ Contains No Abrasives
~ Non-Static / Non-Glare
~ Great for Removing Tiny Scratches

8 oz squeeze bottle