Insulated Glass Units

Insulating glass units

(ig units) Often referred to as thermal pane, consists of two or more lites of glass separated by a continuous spacer that creates a sealed air space. The spacer typically contains a desiccant that  seals and dehydrates the air space. The air space reduces heat gain and loss, as well as sound transmission, which gives the IG unit superior thermal performance and acoustical characteristics compared to single glazed window.

beeWarm Insulated Units

In order to provide the best product for our customers, we only use the highest quality products, in the construction of our beeWarm® insulated glass units.

The TrueWARM® Super Spacer is a dual-seal insulated glass system by Edgetech. It contributes to the reduction of energy cost, mold on the window glass and external sounds.

TrueWARM® Super Spacer’s NO-Metal formula blocks the heat escape path and provides one of the best thermal performances in the industry. It is made of 100% polymer structural foam, for thermal and sound resistant efficiency.

There are no conductive metals used, therefore transfer of heat and cold is greatly minimized. This results in greater energy savings than conventional metal spacers, because there is no expansion and contraction, which eventually results in the loss of the seal and the window becoming fogged.

We do all sizes and shapes of insulated glass units either in our shop or special order.

CGM Same Day Service

Do you have a fogged or broken insulated glass unit? Rather than purchasing a new window, just replace the insulated glass unit. Call our office at 434-293-9188 to schedule a day to bring your window sash to 1428 E High Street, before 9:00 AM. We will replace the insulated glass and the window can be picked up the same day. Patio or entrance door insulated glass may be replaced the same day, providing it is a stock size.

If the window sash can’t be brought to us, we will send a sales person to the site to get accurate measurements and provide a free estimate. Once the insulated glass is fabricated we will install it at your location.

If your glass has internal grilles (muntins) we reuse them, if possible, in the new insulated glass unit keeping the design consistent.

Stained Glass Windows

Leaded stained glass windows are beautiful, but often an energy drain. If you have a stained glass window, or if you are planning to commission a stained glass artist to create one for you, it may be possible to install it inside an insulated glass unit. Please contact us in advance to ensure proper size.