Mirror Fabrication and Installation

Charlottesville Glass and Mirror works with our customers to provide the best product and service we can.  Therefore we  fabricate cut, polish and bevel our mirror in-house. We offer a full line of service, you can pick up your order or you can have it professionally installed by our fully trained installers.

We will custom cut most any shape or size that you need. If your mirror is a simple diameter, square or rectangle with a clean cut, polished or beveled edge you may order by  phone, fax or email. If it is an oval or shape you may have to bring us a pattern.

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Mirror Fabrication

We will cut mirror to specified sizes, shapes and patterns. We polish, bevel, drill holes, notches, cut out switch plate and outlet holes. In addition to this we sandblast patterns or lettering into mirror.

Safety Backing on a Mirror

If safety is a concern then we can apply a vinyl film as a safety backing to wall mirrors and  door mirror to prevent injury from glass shards in the event of breakage.


A mirror that is simply cut is referred to as having, “clean cut edges,” the edges are sharp and the mirror must go in a frame.

1) Swiped – This is the simplest type of edge work whereby the sharp edges are removed with a sanding block, safe to handle, not decorative.

2) Seamed – This finish is achieved when clean cut, sharp edges are wet sanded or ground at approximately 45 degrees to produce an arriss (small bevel) the face of the edge is not touched. A seamed edge has a more finished appearance.

3) Polished – The most common edge for mirrors is the flat polish. The edges of the glass are polished to a smooth clear polish. With our eight spindle diamond polisher, we are the only local company capable of producing water-clear polished edgework. Don’t settle for a cloudy belt sanded or hand ground edge, when you can have a beautiful crystal clear edge.

4) Beveled Edge – If you want a more formal look, then consider a bevel edge. A bevel has the edges ground and polished at an angle creating a prism effect. We are capable of producing bevel sizes as narrow as 1/4″ and as wide as 1″ on both straight-line pieces and curved pieces. We only bevel our 1/4″ mirror.

We do all our beveling in house, with a few exceptions. Anything we don’t do in house can be special ordered. Our sales staff are fully trained and capable of  advising you as to your best options.

Mirror Installation

We carry a full line of products for the installation of your mirrors. Mirrors may be mounted in the following ways:

Clips – On a wall, mirror is mounted with a minimum of 2 clips at the bottom and 2 at the top. On a door there are 2 clips at the bottom and two at the top, plus 1 on each side. We carry an attractive line of clips for you to choose from.

J-Mold – A metal  strip of channel that is used with any square or rectangle mirror to provide support along the bottom edge of the mirror. The top edge may be held in place by a strip of J mold or clips may be used. Recommended for over-sized mirrors especially when mirror is mounted on an entire wall.

Mirror Mastic – An adhesive that is designed to glue the mirror permanently to the wall. It can be used alone or in combination of clips and J mold. Mirror Mastic is specially formulated not to damage the backing of the mirror.

Our professional installers are fully trained and capable of meeting your expectations we can install a simple bathroom mirror or an entire wall or room of mirrors. We can give a new look to your exercise room, dining room, or bathroom as well as dance studios or dressage arenas. You dream it… we will do the rest.