Decorative Glass Tiles

Charlottesville Glass and Mirror is proud to offer the latest in colored glass tile covering and clear decorative glass designs. These eye-catching glass tiles and patterned glass panels may be used in many applications, from wall covering to windows and handrail panels. The options are not only beautiful and creative, but practical. They are easy to clean, moisture resistant, hygienic, UV resistant and stunning in their applications.

Dreamwalls® color glass, or back-painted glass, is a huge interior surface market in Europe, Australia and Canada. As it becomes exposed to more savvy designers, architects, and homeowners  in the US, there is an opportunity to add incredible color to environments.

Advantages include reflecting light and luminosity in a practical and easy-to-install material. It’s incredibly easy to clean, hygienic, and durable, due to Gardner Glass Products’ unique application and heat-curing process. And we stand behind every piece we manufacture with a 5-year warranty to the trade.

Dreamwalls® Color Glass easily outshines traditional wall coverings such as paint and wallpaper. It is easier on the pocketbook than stone and marble. And its sleek seamless installation options eliminate the need for visually cluttered grout lines of tile.

Use in residential or commercial applications,  for back splashes and other kitchen areas, wet bars and dining areas, bathrooms and spas, foyers and lobbies,…the possibilities are truly endless. This product that can add life to any area.

Check out Dreamwalls® Color Glass site and start dreaming. Contact Charlottesville Glass and Mirror to see samples and we will help make your dreams come true.