Curtain Wall Systems

Curtain wall systems are outer coverings of a building in which the outer walls are non-structural, allowing them to be constructed of lighter weight material like glass. A well designed and constructed curtain wall system creates a contemporary look with an open atmosphere for hospitals, commercial buildings, residences, schools, hotels, condominiums, and retail stores.  From an architectural and aesthetic point of view, Charlottesville Glass and Mirror understands that the integrity of your curtain wall depends on professional methodical planning, quality of materials and skilled installation.

Our Approach

Charlottesville Glass and Mirror systematically considers and studies every possible issue we may encounter when planning and installing your curtain wall project. Determining the challenges in the bidding and planning phase ensures the seamless and accurate production of your curtain wall system.

Our curtain wall system services include:

~ Curtain Wall design & build interior and exterior
~ Curtain Wall project planning
~ Curtain wall production and/or procurement
~ Hi-tech precision machinery to cut, bend and drill aluminum and metal products (see fabrication)
~ Leeds Certified materials
~ Kawneer trained and up-to-date with other manufacturers products and methods
~ Safety procedures

Our Standards

At Charlottesville Glass and Mirror, we put our client’s concerns and best interests first. Throughout every phase of your curtain wall system project, we maintain the highest standards for quality materials, professionalism, and workmanship.  Our project management team will work with you to complete your curtain wall system, within your schedules and budgets.

Our Commitment

For over 22 years, Charlottesville Glass and Mirror have installed curtain wall systems in Charlottesville and surrounding area. During that time curtain wall systems have evolved. Our highly trained, experienced professional staff constantly stays current in all the latest methods, materials, building standards and codes. Therefore you can have confidence that we will provide you with the best product available.

To discuss your curtain wall system, contact us.

An exterior shot of a modern office building with glass curtain walls