Commercial Windows

Windows are an integral aspect to the design of any building and often are the most dominant feature. The traditional purpose of windows is to provide light, a view and fresh air. Light and air can be provided through other means; however artificial substitutes for windows may not be beneficial to the occupants of the building. Windows are essential to the satisfaction, health, and productivity of the building occupants.

Although appearance and functionality are important in the design of windows, this aspect must be balanced with energy efficiency and security. These three elements are all taken into consideration by the architects and designers.

Charlottesville Glass and Mirror recognizes and understands these concepts but also understands that the most well designed, energy-efficient windows have to be installed correctly. Whether it is a single window, a curtain wall or storefront the competency of the glaziers is most critical. We take our responsibilities seriously. From the expertise of our estimators, the proficiency of our project managers, the skill of our fabricators, to the capability of our glaziers, all phases are efficiently coordinated and implemented to produce a product that meets or exceeds all industry standards.

Note: The building pictured has windows and storefront installed by Charlottesville Glass and Mirror.

An exterior shot of a commercial building window project