Care and Cleaning Shower Glass

With proper care and minimal maintenance, the glass in your newly installed or existing shower and tub enclosure can always be sparkling clean.

Shower Glass Care

~ Do not use steel wool, wire brushes or abrasive sponge pads.
~ Do use a squeegee or cloth to dry the shower after every use. This will make it less hospitable to mold and reduce ~soap scum.
~ Switch from bar soap to liquid (Talc in soap is largely responsible for build-up of  soap scum.)
~ If your shower has a build-up of scum, then Bio-Clean is the solution. It effectively removes water, mineral stains, and soap scum. Bio-Clean is an effective cleaner for tile and grout as well. (See Bio Clean)

New Shower and Tub Enclosure Glass Installation


Have your glass professionally treated before it is installed or immediately after installation. This treatment will seal the microscopic porous surface of the glass to prevent contaminants from sticking to the surface.


After every shower simply spray down with Repellant Wash™ by Tekon™ and say good bye to grungy glass in shower and tub enclosures. (See more information in Products)

Existing Shower and Tub Enclosure


A protective coating may be applied with a, do-it-yourself, Easy Clean Forever™ kit by Tekon™. (For more information go to Products) It cleans, fills and coats the microscopic crevices on the glass surface. This application is effective for about a year whereas the professional application will last a lifetime.

Drop by Charlottesville Glass and Mirror and pick up a kit.

*DO NOT APPLY ANY PROTECTIVE COATING TO THE FLOOR. It will result in a very slippery surface.

~ After every shower simply spray down with Repellant Wash™ by Tekon™. (See more information in Products)

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